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Best Selling Telephone Answering Machines

It was recently estimated that over 95% of American households have a telephone answering machine. I can only assume that the other 5% don`t have a phone as to be honest, I don`t see why you would have one without the other. There have been constant moves forward in the technology surrounding these machines. Although you can still get the basic models which allow people to leave you a message, you can now get them where they use caller ID so you can see who is calling you and the length of time they have to leave a message can be lengthened from the standard 30 seconds to as long as you want. Taking all this into consideration, these are the best selling telephone answering machines on the market at present.

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AT&T are the big manufacturer in this segment and very much have the market sewn up. Most of the top selling phone answering machines are made by them, which is quite an achievement. For less than $30 you can pick up their CL4939 model. This white, corded phone with built in answer machine is a great basic model and lives in millions of American households. It`s nothing flashy, but is neat, smart looking and does everything that you want a machine of this kind to do. There is an extra large screen with tilt facility to make call screening very easy to read. It also has a volume control and can hold up to 13 minutes of recording. A great basic model if you just want something that delivers what it promises.

If you want something a bit more upmarket, or live in a very crowded household, the 1070 four line speaker phone may be the one for you. This will set you back just over $100, but here are some great extra features. The fact that is has four lines which can take up to 16 extensions is a must in a busy environment, and there is a visual alert to let you know that there are messages. Lots of other features such as intercom, paging, call transfers etc make this one nifty piece of equipment.

One step up from that is the 1080, which has all the features of the 1070 and a whole lot more. All four lines have the caller ID, waiting facility and there are 60 minutes of digital recording time. The backlit LCD display is very easy to read and despite the amount of features on this machine, it is incredibly easy to use. Retailing at approximately $150, you are getting a lot of technology for the money.

The AT&T EL51359 is effectively a trio of cordless phones that can be placed anywhere around the home. Although they don`t have the digital answer phone technology, you can leave voicemails on these phones and there is a visual alert that you have voicemails waiting. You can use up to 2 handsets on the same call, so a three way conversation is very easy. These sell for $40 or less, so you get a lot of phone for your money.


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